How to guides

Just in time help - From the experts you trust

As modern vehicles get smarter, basic vehicle maintenance can become a daunting task.  

We have created a FREE resource of detailed "how to" guides to help combat this. Where we hope to help restore your confidence and debunk myths surrounding modern vehicles.

These guides are easy to follow and designed as a "just in time" learning tool. Ideal for new drivers with less experience or anyone who may be lacking in confidence.

Each guide below is in PDF format. Simply click 'Download' next to the guide you wish to view, you will be greeted by a detailed, but easy to follow breakdown of the task selected.

Please find the useful links below:

How to open your bonnet - Fariview Vehicle Services.pdf
How to check your fluid levels - Fariview Vehicle Services.pdf
How to check and adjust tyre pressures - Fariview Vehicle Services.pdf

Lacking in confidence? We will do this for you.

As a valued Fairview customer, our friendly team are always on hand to assist you where possible. We offer free under bonnet fluid level checks, often taking as little as 5 minutes. 

Our technician team:
  • Professional 
  • Highly trained 
  • Using industry best practices
  • Personalised care
  • Highest levels of attention to detail
  • Approved by the UK's Largest trade  association for independent garages